The Dallas Maker Community Incorporates

Those That Brought Us Dallas Makerspace Make It Official

Dallas, TX (June 21, 2021) Dallas Maker Community, a marketing and leadership education group in Irving, TX announced today that they filed for Nonprofit Corporate status in Texas. This milestone is a major move for Dallas Maker Community on its mission to make North Texas the makerspace hub of the world.

“This has been discussed with a lot of people in the community since the beginning of the pandemic,” says Mark Havens, Executive Director at Dallas Maker Community. “We will need more funding eventually, and we thought this would make it easier for more people to pull out their wallets and help our cause. Naturally, we are also filing for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS to help build trust as we expand our donor base.”

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

“It’s been 12 years since Dallas Maker Community founded Dallas Makerspace,” says Mark Havens, who is also Principal Founder of Dallas Makerspace. “But Dallas Makerspace has always been resistant to bringing soft-skill education to the maker community. While that was never my choice or intention, soft skills have far too long been absent in makerspace education. But they are too important to be neglected. Soft skills are needed to become an effective leader, marketer, manager, and salesperson—all important qualities necessary to manage an existing makerspace or build a new one. Our group has long filled this gap at Dallas Makerspace—often covertly and with much resistance. We are now making things official so that we can offer our expertise to all makerspace leadership in North Texas, free of charge. We are always here to help. And we are here to stay.”

About Dallas Maker Community

The Dallas Maker Community (DMC) was formed as an unincorporated nonprofit association by Mark Havens in 2010 to help organize and bootstrap Dallas Makerspace, the first makerspace in Dallas. DMC continues its efforts by providing maker-focused marketing and makerspace leadership education to maker-centric organizations throughout North Texas.