No Makerspaces IN Addison YET


No Addison Makerspace Prospects

As of right now, there are no makerspaces or makerspace prospects in the city of Addison, Texas.

This is due to a few different factors. Primarily, there are no libraries in Addison that would make a good prospect for soliciting a makerspace. Without a preexisting infrastructure for public knowledge, it becomes much harder to justify the need for a space devoted to creativity and collaboration.

Additionally, there does not seem to be any groups in Addison that are working on a makerspace. While there may be individuals in this area who are passionate about the Maker Movement, they have not been able to come together to form a cohesive community.

There is an apartment complex that makes an onsite makerspace available to tenants, but it is not available to the public. This space is small and not designated for community use, so it does not fill the same purpose as a true makerspace. For now, those in Addison who are interested in making will have to travel outside of the city limits to find their nearest makerspace.