"Local communities in North Texas have been profoundly affected by the maker movement"

Our Mission

As a North Texas network of passionate makers, we promote connections between other makers in our community. We help to share resources, facilitate funding opportunities, engage in policy development and advocate for the maker movement. Boosting the passion, innovation, creativity, and diversity of the local maker community helps our North Texas maker organizations establish leading trends that impact the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help create an inclusive, thriving, and connected community of makers in North Texas where collaboration fosters a culture of abundance; where everyone has access to tools, technologies, experiences, and knowledge to pursue their passions.

“Many thousands have taken part in the maker movement since we started, and hundreds of organizations and institutions in North Texas have found creative ways to express themselves.”



Innovation Spaces

Maker Organizations

Maker Meetups

Maker Faires



Many related organizations have fueled unparalleled innovation, growth, and economic impact in a wide breadth of sectors, including:

Workforce Development

Community Revitalization

Economic Development

Medical Innovation


The Arts


Culinary Arts








We still have a lot to do to strengthen and support the community and increase its global impact.

North Texas Maker interests are important to us. We believe making can change people's lives. We want North Texas to be a mecca for Maker culture. By promoting, growing, and living our Maker culture here at home, we'll be doing our part to create and lead trends in the Maker Movement throughout the rest of the world!