Everything You Need to Know About Us


The Dallas Maker Community was formed in 2010 to help organize an effort to bootstrap Dallas Makerspace, the first makerspace in Dallas. The Dallas Maker Community is an inclusive group that welcomes everyone who identifies as a Maker living in North Texas, regardless of their makerspace, hackerspace, or fab lab affiliation.


The Dallas Maker Community exists to help and safeguard makerspaces that provide a public good, including for-profit makerspaces, non-profit makerspaces, university makerspaces, public school makerspaces, and library makerspaces, as well as other important makerspace interests in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

We provide collaboration opportunities for those interested in developing and improving public makerspace infrastructure. We also welcome organizers of newsworthy community projects related to hardware, crafts, science, robotics, art, and technology. The Dallas Maker Community encourages teaching, learning, and sharing amongst itself.

The Dallas Maker Community engages in public relations, education, research, and publishing in order to help advance the Maker Movement in North Texas. But its primary goal is to facilitate collaborations between local maker organizations in order to provide resources to the regional maker community. In addition, we provide resources for conferences, networking events, and educational presentations for North Texas venues.