Dallas Maker Community Launches Project Thank You

A New Public Service Helps Makerspace Leaders Encourage Volunteerism

Dallas, TX (June 20, 2022) Dallas Maker Community, a marketing and leadership education group in Irving, TX today announced Project Thank You, a new public service program. Project Thank You is a regional effort to recognize prominent and noteworthy Makers and Makerspace leaders in North Texas that have made significant efforts to give back to their community. This offers a new way for makers in North Texas to feel appreciated for their volunteerism.

“Not every volunteer in the maker community understands how powerfully motivating a little appreciation can be,” says Mark Havens, Executive Director at Dallas Maker Community. “Many volunteers [in North Texas] only have their work-life bosses to serve as examples for leadership. Their only form of appreciation in their work environment is often in the form of a paycheck. Volunteer labor is different. People aren’t motivated by money in the nonprofit sector. Project Thank You seeks to change perceptions and educate our regional makerspace leadership by providing an example of how nonprofit leaders should be showing volunteers their appreciation. One way we can do this is by simply giving sincere thanks to the leaders in our maker community.”

Features and benefits of Project Thank You include:

  • Dramatic improvement in morale within the maker community

  • Educate makerspace leaders on how to increase volunteerism within their organization

  • Incentivize more makerspace volunteerism throughout North Texas

Project Thank You began April 11, 2022, marked by the soft launch of a hand-written physical postcard campaign. It will continue indefinitely as a free public service to the regional maker community of North Texas. More information can be found on the Project Thank You main page.

About Dallas Maker Community

Dallas Maker Community (DMC) was formed by Mark Havens in 2010 to help organize and bootstrap Dallas Makerspace, the first makerspace in Dallas. DMC continues its efforts by providing maker-focused marketing and makerspace leadership education to maker-centric organizations throughout North Texas.